Choice of Two of the following:

  1. Shredded Chicken
  2. Shredded BBQ Pork
  3. Shredded BBQ Beef
  4. Shredded BBQ Chicken
  5. Sloppy Jo (Regular)
  6. Sloppy Jo (Grandma’s)
  7. Ham (Hot or Cold)
  8. Turkey (Hot or Cold)
  9. Roast Beef (Hot or Cold)
  10. Chicken Salad
  11. Tuna Salad
  12. Ham Salad
  13. Egg Salad
  14. Grilled Hamburger
  15. Hot Dogs
  16. Italian Sausages
  17. Bratwurst and Sour Kraut
  18. Grilled Chicken Breast
  19. Meatloaf
  20. BBQ Chicken Breast

Choice of Two of the following:

  1. Potato Salad (our Grandma’s recipe)
  2. Macaroni Salad (our Grandma’s recipe)
  3. Creamy Cole Slaw (our Grandma’s recipe)
  4. Tossed Salad with dressings
  5. Soups of all kinds, all homemade: Chili, Vegetable, Potato, Baked Potato, Tomato, or Chicken Dumpling
  6. Scalloped Potatoes
  7. Cheesy Potatoes
  8. Baked Beans
  9. Relish Tray with Dip
  10. Pickle/Olive Tray
  11. Macaroni and Cheese
  12. Au gratin Potatoes
  13. Fresh Fruit
  14. Broccoli Salad
  15. Pasta Salads (Italian or Ranch)

* All Condiments included.
* Real Silverware, Glass Plates and Paper Napkins included.
* Gratuity not included


  1. Chips & Pretzels are included
  2. Homemade Pie of all kinds, cookies, brownies
  3. Choose two of the following: Coffee, Tea, Punch or Lemonade
  4. Bottled Water and Sodas

Please call for pricing!